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#58 Growlithe (Clean, Coloured) by RakuenGrowlithe #58 Growlithe (Clean, Coloured) :iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 5 0 Vaporeon by RakuenGrowlithe Vaporeon :iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 6 0 Fox at LSF9 by RakuenGrowlithe Fox at LSF9 :iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 3 0 Fox in the snow by RakuenGrowlithe Fox in the snow :iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 4 0 Growlithe (By: Moon_Gazer) by RakuenGrowlithe Growlithe (By: Moon_Gazer) :iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 3 0 Vaporeon Nyotaimori by RakuenGrowlithe Vaporeon Nyotaimori :iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 6 5
Ransom Soul (2013)
Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon, the following story is fanfiction.
An: An old story from when I was Gardie. This version has minor changes to the text.
“Human speech.”
Ryan was fourteen-years-old and had been a pokémon trainer for three years. He was back in his home town of Sunaga, on the edge of a desert. The whole town was hot and dusty, only ever cool at night. Ryan was inside an underground club with his four friends. He was wearing a pair of black sandals, black shorts with red stripes down the side and a red T-shirt. He had four pokéballs clipped on his belt.
“Are you doing anything for Halloween, Ryan?” asked Ryan’s friend Luke.
Luke was wearing blue sandals, blue shorts, a blue, long-sleeved shirt and a blue headband; he was also a pokémon trainer.
“Not really,” answered Ryan, “I only just got home. I’ll probably just go trick or treating or something.”
:iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 0 0
Dark Growlithe - Prologue
The two trainers stood facing each other. A large flat piece of ground was in front of them.
“We each have one pokémon left,” said the first trainer, a guy who had long black hair, one lock covering his left eye, and was wearing a grey shirt and black tracksuit.
“Fine,” replied the other, wearing baggy green pants and a black T-shirt with a charmander on the front, “Let’s battle!”
Each held a tiny pokéball and pressed the button on the middle line. With a swooshing sound the balls expanded to normal size.
Both trainers threw their pokéball into the centre.
“Pokéball go!”
The first one opened and revealed a male umbreon in a burst of red light. The second one bounced off the ground and shot out a beam of light that formed into a female growlithe. The two pokémon looked at each other and knew that the other was the one that they had been waiting for. Oblivious to their pokémon's feeli
:iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 3 1
Are you a spy? by RakuenGrowlithe Are you a spy? :iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 3 5 Moonlit umbreon by RakuenGrowlithe Moonlit umbreon :iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 6 0
Mature content
Black Rose, Crimson Blood :iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 0 3
Pokemon STD Chapter 3
Chapter 3: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, but when your god gives you lemons you find a new god.
"Ugh... I'm so hungry..." groaned Puddle. "If only the trains ran between all the towns instead of just one town per region I'd be there already..."
He reached behind his back to check the food compartment of his backpack but found it as bare as it had been the previous few times he had checked. With a sigh he continued trudging along the road between Gonorrhoea and Syphilis. There was another hour or so of featureless terrain before he saw a sign and a set of buildings.
"Sour Lemon Square Kilometres," he read. "It's a farm! I can finally get some food!"
Rejuvenated by the prospect of a meal, Puddle began to sprint towards the farmhouse, which did also maintain a restaurant for travelling trainers. Along the way the roadside changed from wild countryside to neat rows of lemon trees. In the orchards, herds of ponyta carried buckets from tree to tree, filling them with lemo
:iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 0 0
Pokemon STD Chapter 2
AN: Here's the second chapter. It's actually been done for months but I only put clean work on DA and tend to forget about it.
Chapter 2: In which a plot involving two mysterious organisations, with mutually incompatible goals, begins to be illuminated and Puddle continues with his own mission to see all the pokémon in the world, while collecting badges as a way to further his main goal.
I want to talk about the pokémon themselves. Sometimes they seem more like robots than creatures. How come they can only remember four attacks? And when you teach them you have to 'boot up' a TM or HM, which looks like a CD. Are we just downloading new memories into our pokémon? Or maybe they have some strange form of alzheimers. I've never seen a child learn their way in school.
1, 2, 3, Poof! Simon has forgotten geography and Simon has learned history!
Some HM moves seem a bit strange. I can understand pidgey being able to fly, but being able to carry a human across the cou
:iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 0 0
Rakuen and Rainbow by RakuenGrowlithe Rakuen and Rainbow :iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 2 0 Goodnight Demonslayer by RakuenGrowlithe Goodnight Demonslayer :iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 3 0 Tangled Growlithe by RakuenGrowlithe Tangled Growlithe :iconrakuengrowlithe:RakuenGrowlithe 17 10


Daily: Special Training by MythicHex
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Daily: Special Training :iconmythichex:MythicHex 38 23
Trying to Escape by Raptorroper
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Doctor Whooves-This Is Where It Gets Complicated 1 by Edowaado Doctor Whooves-This Is Where It Gets Complicated 1 :iconedowaado:Edowaado 3,715 358 Umbreon vs Boleadoras by Raptorroper
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Umbreon vs Boleadoras :iconraptorroper:Raptorroper 28 18
Interactive Burgershy by DocWario Interactive Burgershy :icondocwario:DocWario 108 19 Royal boop [FLASH] by 4as Royal boop [FLASH] :icon4as:4as 1,926 341 Merry Sithmas by Simanion Merry Sithmas :iconsimanion:Simanion 312 30 The daily ninja by Alasou The daily ninja :iconalasou:Alasou 745 35 Alucard's glasses by SharonaIsCool Alucard's glasses :iconsharonaiscool:SharonaIsCool 5 16
I write a review to furry musician NIIC's latest album on Flayrah. My first time reviewing music.…


Rakuen Growlithe
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
South Africa
I'm a fur from South Africa. I got into the fandom through my interest in pokemon, still a major part of my involvement, and writing fanfiction, though now I also try my hand at art from time to time. Outside of furry and the aforementioned subjects I'm interested in science, anime (and am learning Japanese) and power metal.

I think ideas should be freely shared so if you want to repost my art or stories on other sites then that is fine, provided you acknowledge me as the original creator and link back to the original.

Personal Pages:
DeviantArt:… A general art site.
F-list: A site for finding people with similar interests for adult rps.… Site for fanfiction of various of various franchises. profile uses the name Gardie.
Flayrah:… A furry news site. (Contributor, June 2010 - Present. Currently described as contributing editor)
Inkbunny: A furry site, supporting art, music and stories.
Pixiv:… A Japanese art site.
SoFurry: A furry site, supporting art, music and stories. Also has built in community features like groups, forums and chat. (SoFurry Ambassador, May 2012 - Present)

Other Sites:
Wikifur:… The furry equivalent of Wikipedia.
ZAFur: A forum for South African furs. (Global moderator, April 2008 – February 2013. Administrator February 2013 – Present)

Rabbit Hole:… A site for finding people with similar interests for adult rps. (Replaced by F-List)
July 2007 - February 2012: Member of Furaffinity until ban (Described in , , and )
February 2009 - February 2012: Owner and Administrator of thepetshop, a forum for furs interested in BDSM, until I closed it.
July 2006 - July 2011: Member of AGNPH



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